Talum d.d. is a company with a long tradition in the production of primary aluminum and aluminum products.

They have years of experience with the "roll-bond" technology in the production of evaporators.

The industrial partner Talum d.d. Is a company with a long tradition in the production of primary aluminum and aluminum products. Talum d.d. Has extensive experience in the production of evaporators for cooling technology with the »roll-bond« technology. With this technology, solar components are developed and produced in the hybrid photo-voltaic systems. In his development activities Talum d.d. cooperates with companies in Europe that are active in the field of sustainable development of products for the use of solar energy. Through constant cooperation with the knowledge institutions in the region and also outside Slovenia, Talum d.d. the development trends of these products. In the field of thermal converters for the utilization of solar energy, Talum d.d. implements his own research methodology and developing the equipment for basic product testing.


Previous Projects


The industrial partner Talum d.d. has participated in an international  cross-border knowledge network project to improve the productivity of the business and the metal processing industry - Slovenia and South Burgenland (metal knowledge network, MKN). The purpose of the project was a structured exchange of knowledge and the search for new insights into the production processes of companies in the automotive industry, as they are facing the same challenges in knowledge management and knowledge transfer at the corporate and intercultural level. The aim of the project was to set e-contents with the help of experts from different problem areas, which design the company database.


Contact person

MJanko Ferčec

Janko Ferčec


»For us, the ABS-Network project represents an excellent opportunity for networking of researchers in the company and researchers from the Technical University of Graz. Within the project we will exchange knowledge and experience from research and development work. In the joint consortium, we will develop and produce a demonstration solar thermally activated façade panel, which we will use to present and promote the product to a wider and professional public. Our company will have many positive effects by participating in this project, as we will use modern research and development equipment through the joint development of the product. At the same time, we will receive feedback on product attributes from potential users.«