A vision for sustainable development

A vision for sustainable development

Sustainability and the pursuit of sustainable development can best be described by the definition of Norwegian politician Brundtland, who says "Sustainable development meets the needs of the present human race without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

The strategy of sustainable development is based upon:

• Economic development

• Social development and

• Environmental protection

The development of the STAF panel is primarily concerned with the first and the last item, but also indirectly with second, social development. Cross-border cooperation plays an important role in the process.

Solar energy and sustainability

Solar radiation is a lasting source of energy that nature has used from the very beginning. Due to constant nuclear fusion, the sun emits energy, with hydrogen turning into helium. The annual amount of solar energy that falls to earth exceeds the annual need for primary energy by as much as eight thousand times. Conversion of solar energy into electrical photovoltaics is a clean and reliable way of generating energy. Generating electricity in this way is environmentally friendly, does not cause emissions or noise. This highlights the extremely sustainable orientation of such energy production. The options also indicates a field of options for further research.