Beware technical requirements!

Beware technical requirements!

TALUM d.d. has produced a heat exchanger for the STAF panel that combines hard work and cooperation with Graz University of Technology within the framework of Interreg SI-AT, also considers the European and Slovenian guidelines when planning to enter the market.

STAF panels are modified sandwich panels made of insulating core, polyurethane foam, rare mineral wool or expanded polystyrene, and two thin steel or aluminum plate supports with fluid channels through which the fluid flows.

In order to meet the demands of the market, it is first necessary to take account of European legislation. It allows the free movement of construction products in the European Union, while national legislation regulates the construction of buildings and takes into account the legal characteristics of the country in which the buildings are located.

For construction products, only the basic building conditions are harmonized in accordance with the EU Regulation, which should also be specified in the National Building Code. This directive allows the CE marking, a type of passport for access to the European internal market.

At the same time, compliance with this guideline ensures that construction products that contain products will meet safety requirements throughout their lifetime.

In Slovenia, this area is regulated by the Building Act, which must be strictly adhered to. Basic requirements for buildings are: mechanical safety and stability, fire safety, hygiene and health protection as well as environmental protection, safety of use, noise protection, energy saving and heat, universal construction and use of building structures and sustainable use of natural resources.