As much as 78% of the energy consumed in the household is linked with heating itself. Most of the heat or energy goes directly  through the walls. 35%. Therefore, in addition to all other measures that can not be underestimated in saving energy, the insulating quality of your facade is also very important. With a smart investment in good insulation, this important cost of your family budget will be reduced.

We fly the average numbers:

An overview of the thermal losses shows that for the non-insulated building, for example, about 70% of the heat losses are responsible for the external walls and the roof. The windows and floors have a 25% share in the whole story. After the installation of the façade system with insulation, the heat losses on the building are reallocated. The new situation is this: the largest part of the loss of lost heat is now transmitted through windows, around 40%. As a result, the proportion of exterior walls and roofs is reduced to approximately 45%.

In order to solve this problem and at the same time with a sustainable operation, you also save some of your euro, the partners of the ABS-Network project are developing a STAF panel. The main goal of the project is the development of a solar thermally activated façade panel (STAF panel), which in addition to the insulation role will still benefit from solar energy.