The ABS Network project is selected for funding by Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria

The ABS Network project is selected for funding by Interreg V-A Slovenia-Austria

TU Graz, Talum d.d. and Tiko Pro d.o.o. are proud partners in a research and development project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Interreg V-A Slovenia - Austria program. A total of 73 project proposals were submitted to the second call for project proposals, of which only 10 (including our ABS network project) were selected for co-financing. The ERDF co-finances 85% of the eligible project costs.

Temeljni cilj projekta je razvoj solarno termično aktiviranega fasadnega panela (STAF-panel), ki za zniževanje energetskih potreb stavb učinkovito koristi sončno energijo. Tehnološka inovacija je v združevanju roll-bonding tehnologije industrijskega partnerja Talum z znanjem s področja tehnologij preoblikovanja in fasadne tehnologije Tehnične Univerze Graz.

The main objective of the project is the development of a solar panel (STAF panel), which efficiently uses solar energy to reduce the energy resources of buildings. Technological innovation is the combination of roll-bond technology developed by Talum d.d., and the know-how on form and façade technologies, which was put into the project by the Technological University Graz.

The integrated construction technology allows the integration of additional functions in building envelopes. With the solar activation of the facade (energy collection, heating and cooling), the energy performance of the buildings is improved. The main outputs of the project are the development of the prototype STAF panel on the one hand and the networking of competent development partners within the program region in the area of ​​renewable energy resources and other related areas (construction, architecture, mechanical engineering) into a knowledge network on the other hand.

The project will contribute to improved cross-border cooperation and competitiveness of relevant stakeholders through knowledge transfer, encouraging research and development, the use of research infrastructure and the implementation of innovative R & D solutions. Project expenditure will bring benefits to businesses, academic institutions and students in the program region, for which we will organize business meetings.

Within the last phase of the project, joint guidelines for their implementation in the region are prepared on the basis of the new technical and conceptual knowledge in the field of the production of solar-activated façade slabs. Our interdisciplinary approach allows for further project co-operation and supports the establishment of new cross-border project consortia. The project is unique in its project partnership, which combines competences and knowledge that does not yet exist in the region.

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We will inform you about the project progress and also appreciate your active participation. With workshops, we will provide networking opportunities for companies and interested parties from Slovenia and Austria.