Do you know Interreg?

Do you know Interreg?

In order to follow the guidelines of the European Cohesion Policy, the aim is to promote the balanced development of the whole European Union and to promote cross-border cooperation within the framework of European territorial cooperation. Cross-border cooperation, also known as INTERREG, supports the participation of partners at regional level from at least two different Member States along the land or sea borders.

The programs support joint solutions to challenges that often go beyond national borders and require joint action in the modern, globalized world. The basic objectives of EU-funded cross-border programs are:

• promoting economic and social development in border areas,

• Addressing common environmental, public health, safety and security challenges

• Creating better conditions for the mobility of people, goods and capital.

One of the first objectives is certainly the development of the STAF panel, which is the result of the hard work of Slovenian and Austrian researchers from Talum d.d. and Graz University of Technology, which are supported by Tiko pro. An excellent groundbreaking project is the proof that participation is absolutely worthwhile and at the same time an example of good practice.