STAF panels and heat savings

STAF panels and heat savings

Despite of its proven potential, the benefits of solar energy are still not being used enough. To be more aware of the potential, let us consider the numbers in case of using the STAF panels in combination with heat pumps.

A team of Slovene and foreign scientists have made a theoretical research, based on a numerical simulation.

The theoretical calculation, based on the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) method, brings interesting theoretical calculations. It proves solar STAF panels have the best heat efficiency when used in combination with other sources of existing systems, such as heat pumps, for example. Combined installation is also financially most efficient.

The calculations were made for a single family house. A house of such dimensions, when six panels are installed, they produce enough energy to cover an average of 30% of its heating needs. If eleven panels are installed, it covers an average of 50%, and when twenty one panels are installed, it produces enough energy to cover 80% of the needs for heating.

The table shows the energy gained for the use of heating, when STAF panels cover 30, 50 or 80% of the energy need.  The considered need is estimated at 35580 kWh.



30% efficiency

50% efficiency

80% efficiency

STAF panels

10974 kWh

18290 kWh

29264 kWh

Heat pump

25606 kWh

18290 kWh

7316 kWh